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Is this program right for you? Hear from some of Michael’s former students about their experience learning from him. 

"Michael was the first professor I met when I started my masters, and his first lecture got me really pumped for the rest of my time at university. I had a lot of doubts pursuing art as a career, but as I progressed with my masters, I knew I could always turn to Michael for advice and help, whether it be for class sign-ups, critique for my latest work or even just for a quick chat while working. The Drawaholics Anonymous club that he ran was also a great place to meet new people and encourage each other in our art goals. There’s a variety of challenges to take on in the club, and each one is geared towards perseverance and improvement. His classes helped foster a great learning environment where I was free to experiment on my work without worry. Currently I work in the game industry as a UI/UX artist, and have had a few freelance concept art gigs. I don’t think I would have the confidence to be working in the industry like I am now without his encouragement. Now I’m always striving to improve my skills and portfolio because art is a journey that doesn’t stop."

Bernice Wang,  Concept Art

Michael was the first teacher that was truly pushing me to become better. Meeting him and being his student was truly a turning point in my life that set me on a path of becoming the industry professional I am today. Teachers like him are the kind of people that shape the future of game development and I hope as many students as possible get a chance to learn from him.

Pavel Eryzhenskii, Concept Art

"Under Michael’s unparalleled instruction, I not only learned the necessary skills to become a successful concept artist, but also the self-confidence to believe in myself and my work. Michael is an incredibly gifted teacher and I would not be the artist I am today without his guidance."

Letitia Longbons, Concept Art

“When I came into Michael’s teaching, I wasn’t anywhere close to my first set of short-term goals. In under a year, he didn’t just push me to be better: He taught me how to push myself! Now that I have known him for over three years, I have long since passed my previous goals and written new ones both inside class and personal goals. No words can express how grateful I am for everything he’s done for me… And it continues to surprise me how naturally it comes to him to help students and young artists. As if it’s a gift of his to tap into understanding a student’s current level and unique challenges and help them overcome those challenges in their own way. Not a day has gone by when he is around, albeit more virtually now, that I haven’t felt welcomed or enriched- that I haven’t grown just a little bit more by Michael’s presence. I blame him whole heartedly for my current and future success.”

Richelle L. Cowan, Illustration

"Have you ever heard the quote "a rising tide raises all ships?" That's how Michael teaches his students. He's created an environment where students can draw together, learn together, and, eventually, share a table together at Thanksgiving. Friendship and support are the most valuable things to have in art school, and Michael pushes for that."

Megan Soler, Concept Art

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