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GBG Student Life

Virtual but not distant!

As disheartening as the need for virtual activity has become recently, that doesn't mean being virtual and studying remotely has to completely suck! Since GBG is entirely online you do not need to worry about having to physically relocate in order to get the best experience from the program.

Virtual-Live Classes

These aren't sluggish YouTube videos you have to struggle through. GBG Classes feature live interactive virtual classes where you can ask questions during lectures, receive live feedback, mingle with classmates, and be personally involved in your own virtual classroom experience.

Student Discord Community

When not in class you can hang out and study with classmates on your own exclusive community server. Feel free to show off pets, talk about art, or the latest movie releases, or what ever you want! There will also be specific channels just for getting extra feedback on your homework between classes!

Numerous Events

•    You’ll have your fill of GBG by the time you finish the program. We’ll be hosting Study Groups, Figure Drawing Workshops, Sketchbook Events, Movie Nights, AMA's, Guest Lectures, Demonstrations, Live Streams, and more!

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