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Seasonal Programs

Seasonal programs, like the Summer Youth Programs, consist of six modules of enrichment.

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Character Design Basics & Drawing Cool Characters ( ages 11-13 )

**Exceptions made for Special Needs adults!**

This course is designed to give young students and introduction into into the world of character design for animation. From fun simple characters to action/adventure heroes the students will learn how to put together lines and shapes to make cool characters. Most importantly they’re going to have fun while doing it!


Module 1: Basic Drawing Mechanics & Making simple characters using shapes

Module 2: How to make head shapes with different personalities by altering features

Module 3: Different types of hands, arms, legs and feet

Module 4: Designing a cast of simple & cute characters

Module 5: Designing a cast of Action adventure characters (2 week project)

Module 6: Designing a cast of Action adventure characters (Final Critique)

Figure Drawing, Anatomy, & Character Design Principles ( ages 14-17 )

**Exceptions made for Special Needs adults!**

This course is designed to give young artist an introduction into the skills the will provide the foundation that is needed to be a professional artist that works extensively with the human figure ( ie. Concept Artists, Visual Development Artists, Illustrators, Animators, Comic Book Artists and More…) 


Module 1: Figure Drawing Basics: Proportions, Volume, Gesture, and Line

Module 2: Anatomy Basics: Major Bones, Major Muscles Group, and Important Surface Anatomy

Module 3: Important Attributes of a variety of figure and facial types

Module 4: Basic Character Design Principles, Using Reference, How to find your style & Using story to guide your design

Module 5: Action Poses, Foreshortening. Creating appealing characters

Module 6: How to apply feedback & How to continue growing as an artist (Final Critique)

Professional Development

**Exceptions made for Special Needs adults!**

[Coming soon for seasoned industry professionals to boost their core skills!]

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