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Mentor Programs

Our brand new mentorship program is designed for young artist who prefer 1 on 1 time with a mentor as well as  for more seasoned artist who might have the basics down but need more guidance to take their skills to the next level. All mentorships programs are a 3 month commitment to meet twice a week during that time span. For more information check out the video below.

  • New to art and need some extra help?

    1 hr

  • Tweak your concept process and beef up your visual communication with ...

    1 hr

  • UI/UX is a complex world! Get simplified and customized help here.

    1 hr

  • Give your narrative and composition skills a polish and boost. Find yo...

    1 hr

  • Struggling with work-life balance? Looking to level up your processes ...

    1 hr

Meet The Mentors


Michael Buffington, Jr.

  • TikTok

Michael has been a Concept Artist in the Video Game and Entertainment Industry for almost 2 decades. He has worked on many projects, most notably Season 3 of Clone Wars for Lucasfilm Animation. For 10+ years, Michael worked as a full time professor and department head for a large private art university in Northern California. 


Known for being a master curriculum designer, he was able to build both BFA and MFA Concept Art programs from the ground up. Using his educational philosophy of “Skill Building & Application”, Michael was able to create a program that gave students the ability to bring their skill set to, at, or near a professional level by the time of graduation regardless of what their skill level was upon entering the program.

Image by Mike van den Bos

Greg Eicholzer

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Priscilla Concepcion

  • 5968654

Priscilla Concepcion is a skilled concept artist from Virginia creating artwork for video games and film. She received her BA in fine arts from George Mason University and recently completed work on her Master’s Degree in The School of Game Development at the Academy of Art University. Over the past few years, aside from completing her Master’s Degree, Priscilla has taught art to children of all ages. She is passionate about teaching and truly enjoys helping young people fall in love with art just like she did at a young age.

Services: Young Artist Mentoring

IMG_E3452 (1).jpg

Richelle L. Cowan

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Richelle is an Illustrator working out of Denver, CO. Since graduating with her Bachelors of Fine Arts she has had wonderful experiences as an Art Director and Art Production Manager. On top of also dabbling in Operations: She is also writing the first works placed in her story universe and running TTRPGs in the same universe.

She has recently opened up to expanding on her years as an Art Student Success Mentor with her new program: Art-Life Help.

Services: Illustration Mentoring, Art-Life Help

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