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Step 1: Review the [Course Curriculum] and select the [Plans & Pricing] that you want, you can pay at this step or schedule during the enrollment process. 

Note: You can GIFT plans! You can contact us before or we can contact you after purchase.

Step 2: Contact Admissions ( with any questions you have about the classes, tuition, or anything. Note we do also have an [FAQ] to help!

Step 3: Once you're ready to move forward with your enrollment: Fill out the [Pre-Registration Form] Then it's time to schedule an Admissions Interview! Book an Admissions Interview below or at [Book Now]

Step 4: Work with the Admissions Rep to complete your enrollment paperwork, get you invited to the virtual classrooms and student spaces, and anything else to prepare you for starting the Art Bootcamp. You can book a supplemental Enrollment Appointment below, too.

Step 5: Start your skill development adventure! If your classes are still a month or more out: [Drawaholics] while you wait, your drawings here at GBG count towards the 2,500 Challenge.

Note: If you are enrolling a youth, then a least one parent/guardian is required for this same process, the only additional steps would be permission forms.



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Crunch the numbers and plan your ultimate investment

Peek into the Program

and all of it's classes!

Learn what to expect studying at the Art Bootcamp

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