Investment Planning

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The full program runs for 18 months, broken down into (6) Ten-Week Blocks, with three classes per Block. You can find out more detailed information about the Full Program and its courses [here.] All deposits are due prior to starting the desired program.


Full Program

$16,000 Total    $11,199.95!

Register and pay for the entire program from the start for the biggest savings on your skill-development investment!

Save $11,000 for the entire program- 40% off! Each class will only be $888.88

Save $15,000 on the full program! Only $622.25 per class!

*** Student Financing Available ***

Block by Block

Excited to commit but need to make installments as you go? Pay for one Block (Three classes) at a time. 

Save $500 per class and $9,000 for the Full Program!

Save $250.05 per class and $13,500.90 for the Full Program!

$3,000 every 3 months      $2,249.85 every 3 months
($1,000 per class- $18,000 for Full Program)     ($749.95 per class- $13,499.10 for Full Program)

One Class
       at a Time

Only want a few select classes and not the entire program? Or only have time for one class at a time? This is the option for you!

Save $250.05 per class and $4,500.90 for the full program!

$1,500 Per Class        $1,249.95 Per Class 
($27,000 for full program)     ($22,499.10  for full program)


Potential Discounts that can also be applied to your investment! Discounts may include:


- Referrals 

- Crypto

*Some discounts are limited/seasonal and must be approved during Admissions.*